NatureWax® Vegetable-based Candle Wax

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  • For use in all types of container, pillar, & base applications

  • High quality, superior performance

  • Reliable, vertically-integrated supply chain

  • Increased fragrance loading compared to paraffin wax systems

Leading wax solutions for the candle making industry

NatureWax® is a comprehensive line of vegetable-based wax blends used by premium candle makers. Produced from refined vegetable oils, versatile and abundantly available - it is a great alternative to paraffin wax. NatureWax offers eco-conscious consumers the peace of mind while delivering superior performance and technology to the market.

By the use of refining and modifying technologies, along with skillful blending, we are able to produce a wide range of melting points, crystallization behaviors, colors and textures to suit your application needs.

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Wax Additives

NatureWax Coconut 1

NatureWax Coconut Oil