NatureWax® additives provide additional flexibility to candlemakers such as altering the melt temperature, texture or appearance of cooled wax, or glass adhesion properties.

Coconut Additives

These coconut waxes are designed to help modify the texture and melt point of your candle.

Palm Glycerides

Palm wax additives are designed to help modify the fragrace load capabilities and shrinking properties of candles as they cool to achieve the desired amount of fragrance throw or pull away.

Base Waxes

Cargill NatureWax® base waxes provide formulators with additional flexibility to create wax blends with the properties they are looking for. Base waxes can also be used without blending industrial or candle making purposes.

Soy Glycerides

Cargill soy glycerides combine leading science with a responsible, dependable supply chain. Cargill is a leading purchaser, processor and transporter of soybeans in major supply chains around the world, and is committed to sustainable soy production. This commitment includes the protection of sensitive environments, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and promotion of responsible working conditions.

Container Blends

Our most popular wax category, container blends are designed to be poured into jars or other vessels for industrial operations as well as DIY enthusiasts.

Coconut Glycerides

These coconut waxes are designed to help modify the texture and melt point of your candle.

Soy Coconut Glycerides

Soy and Coconut wax blends take advantage of the popular soy base wax with added coconut wax for a smoother texture and easier handling.

Soy Glycerides

Soy waxes are a popular option for candlemakers and other wax users looking for renewable alternatives to oil-based waxes.

Soy Palm Glycerides

Soy and Palm wax blends include responsibly sourced palm oil, typically used for molded candles such as votives or pillar candles.

Pillar Blends

Cargill's unique pillar blend is a wax can be used to create free-standing candles with either a smooth or textured exterior. 

Soy Palm Glycerides

Waxes with a blend of soy and palm wax provide additional properties for candlemakers and other wax users.