Cargill vegetable oils are suitable for industrial grease applications.


Cargill esters are plant-based solutions designed to meet manufacturing needs. The unique chemistry of Cargill's ester solutions can be used to create low-voc solutions for different coating applications with high reactivity and low viscosity.

Fatty Acids

Cargill Fatty Acids are plant-based solutions designed to meet manufacturing needs. Typically used in lubricant applications or as an acid source in ester manufacturing, Cargill's Agri-Pure Fatty Acids come in multiple forms and designs to meet application needs.


The most widely used vegetable oils in the lubricant sector are our monounsaturated oils, which combine good stability to oxidation and thermal degradation with liquidity at lower temperatures. For some higher temperature applications, lauric oils such as coconut or palm kernel may be used for optimal stability. Our technical grade fatty acids are used for the production of ester-based lubricant base oils.

Agri-Pure High Oilec Oils

High-Oleic vegetable oils are used for their superior oxidative stability and high flash point.

Industrial Base Oils

Cargill industrial base oils can be used in a variety of lubrication projects.


Industrial lecithin is added to drilling lubricants to reduce friction and provide heat resistance. This additive also increases the viscosity of the lubricant.

Polymerized Vegetable Oils

Polymerized vegetable oils are designed to increase functionality and viscosity.

Metalworking Fluids

Agri-Pure® esters are made from vegetable oils, and are suitable for use in hydraulic fluids and metalworking lubrication applications such as drilling, cutting, and rolling. The unique composition of these fluids offers high flash and fire points, providing safety characteristics necessary for lubrication formulations.

Agri-Pure High Oilec Oils

High-Oleic vegetable oils are used for their superior oxidative stability and high flash point.

Open Air Lubricants

Base Vegetable Oils

Cargill's Base Vegetable Oils are refined from soybeans, linseeds, sunflowers, coconut, and palm kernals. These materials provide a low VOC solution to mineral oils.

In Process Cleaners

Designed around flexibility and in-process efficiency, QUAKERCLEAN® and our variety of Houghton Multi-Surface Cleaners offer high-performance capabilities and versatility. Whether you are cleaning an incoming raw material, preparing a product for the next process, or need the dual application of a cleaner and rust preventative, Quaker Houghton provides solutions for an array of technical applications to meet every demand your operation requires.

Multisurface Cleaners

This line of cleaners was designed for use in diverse systems with a variety of metal surface types. From simple wetting on everything from steel alloys, cast iron, and aluminum alloys to excessive pressure applications up to 2,500 psi, Quaker Houghton's robust offering of cleaners provide a versatile range of product capabilities.

Ferrous Surface Cleaners

Designed to remove a variety of soils from ferrous surfaces, Quaker Houghton's ferrous surface cleaners have been used extensively in multiple industries to help improve processes and products and lower total production costs. Formulated for use in spray, vibratory or immersion equipment, this line of cleaners is suited for all design applications and demands.

Solvent Cleaners

The strong solvency of these cleaners enable them to remove oil, grease and shop soils at room temperature through spray or soak applications. Unique formulation has allowed for these products to have a high flash point, low odor and no heat required making them extremely operator friendly while still being tough enough to get the job done.

Cleaner Additives

Our specialty cleaner system additives utilize highly effective surfactants to improve cleaning under extremely difficult soil load conditions at low temperatures, reduce foaming, and improve the wet ability of your existing cleaning solutions. Using these additives can save you the cost of replacing expensive cleaning solutions and spare the labor hours required to swap our new products.

Maintenance & Floor Cleaners

From machine & tank cleaning to shop floors and walls, keeping a clean operational environment can make the difference in the quality of your operation and operator safety in your facility. Quaker Houghton maintenance & floor cleaners are capable of handling virtually any hard surface or industrial cleaning job across every industry, whether you need a light duty floor cleaner for general upkeep or heavy duty maintenance cleaner to bring your equipment back to life.

Sump Cleaners

Maintaining top performing fluids starts with a clean sump first and foremost. These cleaners were designed to sanitize your sumps prior to pouring up new baths to make sure you kill off bacteria, clean up tramp oils, and give your fluids the proper start to a long life.

Equipment & Floor Cleaners

In an industrial setting, there is constant and essential requirement to keep work areas and equipment clean from the accumulation of oils, greases, and dirt coming from the manufacturing environment. Quaker Houghton cleaners have been formulated with a range of effective surfactants to cut through whatever soil you are combating with reduced hazardous materials.